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Feb 16

“When a small piece of rock would fall on the Earth 100 years ago it could have caused minimal damage and would have stayed largely undetected, but Friday’s accident fully demonstrated how vulnerable the technological civilization of today has become. It is high time Russia should start heavily investing in building an advanced space danger monitoring and warning system and above that a system capable of destroying such super bombs falling on us from the skies.” — Moscow State University’s Vladimir Lipunov • Discussing, in his role as head of the school’s Space Monitoring Laboratory, why more must be done to protect people from chunks of rock falling out of the sky“We should be thankful to fate that this meteor in fact was a blessing in disguise and instead of destroying a significant part of Russia with quite dire consequences to the rest of the world, it sent us a clear warning signal by simply blowing up a bunch of windows and lightly injuring over one thousand people,” he added. Other scientists, as well, are arguing that yesterday’s meteorite incident is worth adding fresh layers of protection—despite, well, the incidents being relatively infrequent. (via shortformblog)

(via shortformblog)

Jan 29

The Battle of Asakai

Fans of Neil Stephenson’s REAMDE will get a big kick out of PC Gamer’s account of the massive battle in EVE Online.

Actually, just about anyone will get a kick out of it.

On January 27, two of EVE’s largest allied groups—the ClusterF*** Coalition and the HoneyBadger Coalition—clashed with full force in the low-sec Asakai VI region of the Kurala constellation. Both sides continually supplied reinforcements for hours, including Supercarriers and Titans, two of the largest vessel types in the game. In the end, the HoneyBadgers emerged victorious against the Clusters (as we’re calling them).

The best part of it is that apparently the whole battle was a mistake.

A Titan pilot beneath the Cluster banner was attempting a “bridge”—using a ship to act as an artificial warp corridor for other ships—to Asakai VI when he accidentally warped himself straight into a very surprised Pandemic Legion fleet. The pilot, named Dabigredboat, immediately came under heavy attack as the Legion pounced on the extremely valuable ship.

Makes you wonder what could happen in the real world … 

Jan 21


Free No Wi-Fi Zone, A Bench That Blocks Wi-Fi Signals


Free No Wi-Fi Zone, A Bench That Blocks Wi-Fi Signals

Dec 15

ShortFormBlog: Sec. of State Clinton won't tesitfy on Benghazi due to concussion -


Nov 05


Barack Obama 67

Mitt Romney 59

Gary Johnson 17

Analysis - Sandy’s aftermath will damage Obama similar to the way Katrina damaged Bush, but it’s still too late for Romney. The GOP nominated one of the weakest candidates they could have picked, and he ran a terrible race. Despite that, Obama’s Libyan missteps made the contest closer than it should have after Sept. 11. The Benghazi mess won’t go away in Obama’s second term. Early congratulations to President Barack Obama - enjoy your richly earned lame duckdom, and watch out for those fiscal cliffs.

Oct 25


Barack Obama 68

Mitt Romney 58

Gary Johnson 18

Analysis - Three weeks from now all these uneasy Obama supporters will wonder what they were worried about. I think.

Oct 06


Barack Obama 69

Mitt Romney 57

Gary Johnson 19

Analysis - Conveniently miraculous job numbers erase any damage from Obama’s lackluster debate performance. Romney looked and sounded presidential but read the transcripts - gibberish. Gary Johnson’s New Mexico performance will be interesting to watch; polls show Obama easily winning but there’s almost 10% of the vote there unaccounted in poll reports. When will GOP figure out that embracing only the dumb parts of libertarianism kills them with younger voters?

Sep 17


Barack Obama 69

Mitt Romney 56

Gary Johnson 20

Analysis - Recent events in Libya and elsewhere bring the race far closer than it should be.  These may be the most challenging hours of Obama’s presidency.

Sep 04


Barack Obama 79

Mitt Romney 46

Gary Johnson 10

Analysis - The real empty chair is the Romney campaign.

*This is a measure of how well declared candidates would do in the presidential election, not the primary.

Sep 02

Politicalprof: I had to have my id scanned to buy Drano today ... -


And people wonder why people don’t like government sometimes.

Apparently, it is a state law having to do with making some kind of illegal drug, but people, alcohol and tobacco kill in their hundreds of thousands and millions every year, and while I have to SHOW an id to buy them, my id doesn’t…